Choosing a Hitting Instructor

The problem that most all parents have when they seek out hitting instruction for their son or daughter:

In stark contrast to most products or services wherein one can find relatively objective information [“Consumer Reports” is one source along these lines], there are few objective sources by which a parent can leverage that will really help them choose wisely in finding a competent and effective hitting instructor.

Many times, as I talk about here, parents tend to assume that most all instructors understand “the basics “, as I have heard it phrased often.

They assume that most all instructors are on the same page ,so to speak, in terms of having a good working knowledge as regards understanding how the body works when swinging a bat.

From my vantage point, nothing could be further from the truth!!

When I first became interested in possibly becoming an instructor,it did not take me too long to realize that many of the instructors I watched were guys who were good hitters in college or at the professional level; they were guys who could “do it ” pretty well.

But they had very little understanding as to what they were ACTUALLY doing with their bat and body when they hit!

This is not an uncommon kind of thing with many good athletes.

In motor learning research on athletes, there is a term for this.

It’s known as the “action -perception gap” or “action–perception differential.”

Meaning that it is many times the case that good hitters THINK they are doing things to swing the bat well;but the reality is vastly different compared to their perceptions.

Most parents, understandably, typically are not aware of this gap and they simply assume that guys who could or can swing the bat at a high level much therefore know how to teach at a high level.

Again,this is simply not true.

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