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What are they saying about Englishbey Hitting?

Ed Goodsen – 10 year MLB hitter, San Francisco Giants

I want to thank Steve Englishbey for taking the time to talk hitting instructionI have approximately 100 players that have gone on to play college ball in the past 10 years. I have been involved in baseball all my life and was blessed with the talent and opportunity to play at a very high level. I have had the opportunity to play with and against some of the best to have ever played the game. I want to thank Steve Englishbey for taking the time to talk hitting instruction with me and giving me a measuring tool for my students. Steve came to Virginia and put on the best hitting clinic for the high school coaches and some of my students that I have ever experienced. There is no one alive more passionate about what he does and who is more willing to help than Steve. His stuff just makes sense.

Brent Strom – MLB coach, Houston Astros

Steve Englishbey Steve Englishbey teaches hittingteaches hitting the way I teach pitchingSteve Englishbey teaches hitting the way I teach pitching.  He goes beyond the basic layer of conventional teaching and understands and can teach how the body can work efficiently to provide consistency and power in the swing. That is exactly what I hope to do in the throwing motion. Steve has given me a deeper understanding of movement efficiency.  And while an inefficient swing might result in a poorly hit ball, the repetition of a poorly thrown ball can have much more serious consequences. That is why Steve is such a valued resource.  He understands the swing in its’ entirety and because of that the information transfers cleanly to the discipline of throwing.  Excellent information, excellent teacher. Enough said.

Hunter Hoy, Assistant Baseball Coach, Hanover Hawks, Virginia State Champions, 2013 & 2014

The hitting concepts Steve teaches have been an invaluableThe hitting concepts Steve teaches have been an invaluable asset to my understanding of how hitter’s optimally swing a bat. Without a doubt I have found Steve’s material to be head and shoulders above the other programs that I have studied in the past. We have been using these concepts for the last 8 years and attribute them to the success of our high school program here in Virginia. We have only been open for 10 years but we were fortunate enough to breakthrough and win the title in 2013 and 2014. If you are a student of the game and want to improve your understanding of how elite hitter’s actually do what they do, you should give Steve’s program a good look. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Eric Lickfeld, Hitting Coach, West Stokes High School, NC

our hitting as a whole would not be what it is without the many encounters I/we have had with Steve EnglishbeySteve’s unprecedented knowledge and research of the mechanics of an efficient swing, made it very easy for me to understand the characteristics involved in achieving an optimum swing. He made it very simple to understand and see the components of the body and how these components affect one another. As a high school coach and over the course of meeting Steve 8 years ago, we have implemented many of Steve’s knowledge, drills and deliberative practice in executing our hitting practices. Over the past 3 years (the BBCOR era) we have hit 49/36/39 home runs as a team with all kids contributing to these numbers. We have hit .374 as a team over these 3 years. We are a 2A school, do not cut players due to lack of numbers, and have sent 31 players to the next level over the past 8 years. These numbers and our hitting as a whole would not be what it is without the many encounters I/we have had with Steve Englishbey.

Jason Heinrich, Tampa Bay Times North Suncoast Player of the Year – 2014

Using Steve Englishbey’s hitting instruction philosophies and hitting drillsUsing Steve Englishbey’s hitting instruction philosophies and hitting drills over the past 7 years, my son has evolved into one of the best hitters for his age group in the nation. He started on his varsity team as a freshman hitting .350, as a sophomore hitting .435, and made the all-county team each year. He plays travel ball with FTB, one of the country’s best travel teams, is ranked 222 on the highly regarded Perfect Game national rankings, and this past July verbally committed to Division-1 UCF. I’m very fortunate to have found Steve years ago to take the guesswork out of coaching my son. I highly recommend Steve Englishbey. Jason was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in 2015.

Betsy Hipple –  Head Coach, CMS Athenas

 Englishbey is the premier hitting instructor in AmericaI believe Steve Englishbey is the premier hitting instructor in America. His DVDs are incredible tools as you begin to build your own elite swing or coach others in pursuit of theirs. He will debunk a lot of what you’ve heard all your life about hitting and possibly even what you’ve been teaching as a hitting instructor, parent, or coach. Steve’s hitting instruction makes sense intuitively and empirically. It is logical and athletes understand it. It is rooted in physics and biomechanics. He explains it plainly and does not hide behind repetitive clichés passed from generation to generation. Steve has a PhD level of knowledge about hitting. He can break the swing down to pieces and build it up again. He can convey the concepts behind the physical moves in dozens of ways that are sure to reach every type of learner, of every age. And his concepts are backed up by endless video of elite hitters. Steve Englishbey is a rare and special hitting instructor. Congratulations for finding him. He will provide the roadmap, the drills, the how and the why. If you do the work, you’ll get results.

Breana Kostreba, Cal Bears, 2x All-Pac-12 Honorable Mention (2012, 2014)

she learned about the Englishbey hitting techniqueBreana Kostreba – All-Pac-12 Honorable Mention for the second time in her career…Finished 2014 batting .324 (47-for-145) overall and .339 (21-for-62) in league action…Second on the team in doubles (10) and stolen bases (4)…Third on the team for on base percentage (.404), RBIs (30) and total bases (72)…Second on the team in doubles (4) and RBIs (9) in Pac-12 play… If someone were to design a softball-playing robot, it would probably think like Kostreba. The two-time reigning Sentinel all-County Player of the Year has been retooling her swing for the last year and a half — ever since she learned about the Englishbey hitting technique which, according to the website, teaches hitters “to swing a bat in the most bio-mechanically efficient way possible.

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