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February 14, 2016, 11:46:46 AM
Premier Hitting Instruction for Baseball and Softball (Fastpitch)

For Baseball and Softball (Fastpitch Softball), It's All About Developing Elite Swing Mechanics

Englishbey Hitting is devoted to developing hitting instruction, hitting lessons, batting drills and hitting tips with a focus on teaching hitters to swing a bat in the most bio-mechanically efficient way possible so as to accomplish three objectives: (1) optimal swing quickness, (2) efficient swing path and (3) maximum bat speed. Elite hitters at the highest levels of competition – both baseball and softball (fastpitch) – have somehow learned to do these things when they swing a bat. But just exactly what are they doing to achieve them? This website is devoted first to understanding how elite hitters use their bodies to achieve these objectives, and second how to teach these same "hitting mechanics by developing targeted hitting and batting drills for baseball, softball/fastpitch" for young hitters. The website offers a variety of products and services, all designed to help your hitter develop the best swing his/her body is physically capable of achieving. Steve Englishbey: Steve performing a one arm swing.  He hit this ball straight away 300 feet.

Hitting Instruction Products and Services: Baseball Softball/Fastpitch

  • Hitting Instruction DVDs (also available in streaming format on website)
  • On-field hitting instruction, both hitting clinics and individual hitting sessions
  • Online One-on-One personal hitting instruction -- subscription based in 3 to 6 month increments
  • Baseball and Softball hitting instruction discussion forums for eliciting feedback on your hitter's swing and general swing mechanics discussion around baseball and softball/fastpitch hitting tips, batting drills and hitting lessons. These hitting discussion can not only help players but can help coaches develop a better understanding of elite swing mechanics.

Steve's Unique Hitting Instruction Qualifications

What makes Englishbey Hitting different from other hitting instruction programs advertised on the internet, television and sports magazines, who all basically claim to teach "the secrets of the Major League swing?":

Steve himself was an elite athlete, having being selected in the first round of the Major League draft by the Houston Astros (9th pick in the 1st round). He has substantial prior experience training athletes and has a deep intellectual interest in sports science theory and application including biomechanics, functional anatomy, sports psychology, motor learning, motor control, etc.

Steve has spent hundreds of hours studying video of elite baseball and softball hitters. He has spent hundreds of hours on the field working with hitters of all ages and levels. He has spent hundreds of hours swinging the bat himself and applying many of the same concepts and practice methods to his own swing that he teaches to others.

Steve has a unique capability to combine relatively high level playing experience, a high degree of sports science knowledge, and over a decade of teaching hitters how to develop a better baseball swing or better softball/fastpitch swing. And Steve has spent hundreds of hours physically practicing swinging and physically applying many of the same methods that he uses with hitters he works with.

It is rare to find a hitting instructor who has this kind of experience and capability to "do it", "understand it", and "teach it."

Elite Hitting Mechanics: Understanding "Cues" vs. "Reality"

Most hitting instruction, hitting analysis, hitting drills and hitting tips for baseball and softball/fastpitch are based on cues like the following:
  • squishing the bug
  • taking the hands to the ball
  • taking the knob to the ball
  • staying on top of the ball
  • keeping your head in
  • keep the hands inside the ball
  • throwing the hands/throw the top hand
  • quick hands
  • short to the ball/long through the ball
  • stay tall /stay back/load back

Often these cues are are not reflective of what is actually happening when elite level hitters swing the bat and they are subject to a wide degree of interpretation on the part of both players and instructors. This lack of reality and clarity almost inevitably leads to instruction that does not effectively address the flaws that underlie most non-elite level swing mechanics.

The hitting instruction on Englishbey Hitting stands in stark contrast to the above type of hitting instruction. The baseball and softball/fastpitch hitting instruction, swing analysis and hitting drills on Englishbey Hitting is evidence and reality based. It is based on Steve's understanding of sports science concepts that can be applied to understanding the actual movements and muscle actions that makeup both elite swing mechanics and non-elite swing mechanics.

From a teaching perspective, the better the understanding of the underlying realities of both elite swing mechanics and non-elite level swing mechanics, the greater the potential to create or learn effective hitting instruction methods that will better serve both coaches and players in the ultimate goal of reaching one's potential as either a baseball player or hitting instructor.

Developing hitting drills and hitting instruction to help baseball and softball/fastpitch hitters realize their true hitting potential is really what the information at EnglishbeyHitting.com is all about.