Good examples of what all hitters---elite level hitters included--- REALLY HATE!

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Nightmarish,demonic,evil,PURE EVIL,"666/mark of the beast","a "blink of an eye" dystopia, a ball thrown from hell,criminal behavior,a hate crime,a crime against humanity.

All of the above could  have been,and probably have been uttered by hitters facing guys like the following:

 5 Most Unhittable Pitches in MLB

To cite my own professional experience going back to when I played in in the 70's with the Astros at the Rookie and A ball level,the guys that threw DAMN HARD ----but threw even STRAIGHTER than they threw hard-----were many times the EASIEST to "square up."

This kind of REAL HARD/REAL STRAIGHT was many times combined with a lack of control and command.

With the result being that you find yourself in a quite a few 2-0 ,and 3 -1 counts.

And ,of course, the mindset of these relatively young pitchers was such that they typically added a third element to their HARD/STRAIGHT/LACK Of COMMAND.

That of a typically large EGO ,wrapped within an even larger sense of MACHO.

As in: "I'm about to blow your ass away with my this."

Bottom line: I really liked these kinds of guys!!!!!

And to this day ----now vicariously via looking at very straight fastballs from the  confines of Espn's center field view seen from my couch  -------I STILL like to see these kinds of pitches.

There is still the not so distant excitement of: "SHHIITT......I think I could still hit the hell out of THAT pitch!"

Not so with the above guys.

They are the exact antithetical opposite.

Thus,the hitter's sense of glee and near euphoric sense of what they KNOW they are about to see and DO----------that real sense of, "I like this guy and I am about to do some major harm here," is  CRUELLY taken away.

And replaced by the utterly depressing  thoughts and emotions that are reflected in my first line,e.g., "nightmarish,demonic," etc.

Life of course,is not fair many times.

And what is REALLY not fair,is for pitchers like the above to NOT have the decency to be able to throw a damn ball pretty much straight and pretty much at the same speed all the damn time!!!!

Like I said,this SHOULD be considered,at the very least a HATE CRIME.

But,I could make a good argument that it is really worse.

More like:A pitchers' crime against hitting humanity.

This strikes as the most correct characterization from a legal/moral perspective!

And as you might expect ----certainly HITTERS should understand this ---that to this very day,I STILL don't really like pitchers.At least not like THESE pitchers cited above.

Yea ....that's right.....I mean PERSONALLY.

Hell,right offhand I can only think of about 2 guys that I at least have some kind of grudging like for.

And it took years of course.

The exceptions?

Joe Sambito [I played with Joe when he and I were in the minors leagues with the Astors. And since then I have have run across him several times over the years].

And Brent Strom ---a guy who played with Sandy Koufax and who has been a pitching coach for quite a few years.And a guy that I have spent quite a bit of time hanging out with over the last 7 or so years.

I think that knowing two pitchers who as best I can tell are not really evil in their everyday life is quite enough really.



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